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Conan Exiles Screenshots Depict Conan Fighting And Baron Wasteland Of Hyboria

Developer and publisher Funcom has released a series of new high resolution Conan Exiles screenshots. You can checkout the screenshots below, and they are mostly safe for work except for one image which depicts topless women. However, this should come as a surprise, as the game is staying true to source material.

However, Conan is not the first game to include these nude scenes as other games like Far Cry 4 also depict nudity. But the specific extent of nudity in Conan Exiles is yet unknown.

Conan Exiles screenshots depict the baron wasteland of Hyboria with beautiful panoramic shots. The screenshots also show Conan fighting enemies and animals in wasteland using, an axe and spear. It seems that Conan will also have allies, as in some Conan Exiles screenshots we can see Conan fighting alongside other man.

Conan Exiles is going to be released on PC through Early Access, however, the release date for Conan Exiles has been delayed to January 2017. According to Funcom’s Creative Director Joel Bylos, they have secured more funding for the game and want to spend some more time on the game to properly polish it and create their version of Hyboria.

When we set out on this journey, we wanted to invite you, the players, to join us on the path. Our goal was to reach Early Access in September and then fling wide the gates, gathering feedback and allowing you to vote on the future of the project. This has not changed. But our circumstances have.

According to Bylos, there are basically two types of early access games. One that are buggy, unstable and unfinished, while the second ones are stable, have more and better features and the community and developers work together to make sure that the game has a successful future. Funcom aims to deliver the games that is firmly in the second type.