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Battlefield 1 Plane And Tank Combat Explained by DICE

Battlefield 1 has been receiving a lot of praise from the fans since its reveal, and DICE is revealing more and more information about the game. This time DICE has detailed Battlefield 1 plane and tank combat.

There is no doubt that Battlefield 1 looks awesome and the game is moving away from the modern shooter setting, and returning to its roots. However, Battlefield is taking us further back in time compared to any other major fps has ever taken us.

World War 1 is an interesting setting, as it was the first industrialized war, with a lot of fighting happened in the trenches. However, this war was also fought by soldiers through planes and wars.

In an interview with Engadget, Patrick Bach, General Manager of DICE gave us a lot of detailed about Battlefield 1 plane and tank combat.

Scaling from the scout planes to the bombers to the big airships, and to do all this- of course, all these lived their own lives in the sky. You can just spend your day in the sky, fighting it out. And then of course, like any Battlefield game, it’s the ground to air combat is important, and the goal is to do a representation of what it would feel like to actually fly one of these planes. And again- these planes were actually pretty good. They weren’t bad. People might think that they didn’t know how to make planes back then, but they did.

He further said that tanks are very different from planes but have incredible stopping power.

I would say the tanks, even though they are quite different, they do have a lot of stopping power, and you would probably behave the same way when you saw a tank as you would when you saw an 880.

It seems that combat would be thrilling, simple and familiar so that players don’t have to spend  a lot time learning what to do. Also Battlefield 1 will not feature any wen launcher on PC and planes in Battlefield 1 will take damage from regular rounds.

Battlefield 1 is an first person shooter set in World War 1, and will release on October 21 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.