Transition from Wii U to Nintendo NX Will Be Smooth: The Optimistic Nintendo

Normally, transitions from one console generation to the other are very smooth. We moved from Xbox to Xbox 360 to Xbox One and over at camp PlayStation things are the same as well. However, can things be as smooth with Nintendo and its NX platform after a failed Wii U?

Wii U took a hard hit, it lost the community once it lost developer support. Major third party devs outright refused to release their games on it due to a small install base. This should make Nintendo realize that they just can not survive solely on their first party Mario games.

The good news is that things are changing with Nintendo NX, developers seem more interesting in the console and we already know Ubisoft is developing Just Dance 2017 for it. Other developers are bringing their games on it as well and once it manages to grab a decent market share, developers support should be on par with PlayStation and Xbox.

According to Reggie Fils-Aime:

Regarding the Wii U, we have been able to put out a number of highly scoring games, games that consumers want to play, that you can’t play anywhere else. So from that standpoint the system absolutely has been a success, but when you come off from selling the Wii and selling over 100 million systems it’s really tough to lap that performance. What we’re focused on is making sure we have an effective transition from the Wii U, we’re going to have a strong holiday performance, we’ve got games coming for the system and then next year we’ll look forward to the NX.

There first party system has been successful in the past but I disagree that same was the case with Wii U. The statement contradicts reality but at least they are trying with the NX.

Nintendo NX will release sometime next year.