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Project Scorpio Frame Rates Will Be Same As Xbox One; But There Won’t Be Any Downsampling

When we reported yesterday that the price of Project Scorpio is expected to be similar to the console average by The Witcher 3 developer, it was a pleasant surprise, especially considering the power this bad boy is going to pack. However, Microsoft has clarified one thing: the Project Scorpio frame rates are not going to be any different from the Xbox One!

This might come as a major surprise for some of you but the general manager of Microsoft Studios, Shannon Loftis, has a reasonable answer as to why.

While discussing the effects Project Scorpio is going to have on game development and the dreaded downsampling of every other game we get, she revealed that the Project Scorpio frame rates will not be any different because it is the developer who typically has control over that, and a developer wouldn’t want two separate set ups for two separate Xbox consoles.

There wouldn’t be a frame rate difference, because typically the frame rate is determined by the game developer and what’s right for the gameplay mechanic. You don’t necessarily want to create two different mechanics for two different configurations.

So basically the FPS might not even get unlocked or promised to be at least 60, unlike what many have already assumed.

However, apart from this Loftis also commented on the much needed fixing of downgrade issues. She boasted that native 4K gaming was finally coming and that this means the original creation of the game, in 4K, will not have to be downgraded to meet the limits of the console anymore.

Games that are shipping now can do a couple of small things to give us a free upgrade when Scorpio comes out. If you implement dynamic scaling now, it will just look better on Scorpio. The other thing is to signal to all game developers that true 4K gaming is coming. Typically what happens is almost every game is created in natively 4K or better and then you downsample to fit the specs of the output device. There won’t be any downsampling for Xbox Scorpio.

All these updates on the Project Scorpio frame rates, and the walk away from downgrading comes at the heels of Microsoft’s belief that there is no “Scorpio game” but only Xbox One games that will now have the advantage of native 4K rendering.

What do you make of all this? By the way, Hajime Tabata wants Final Fantasy XV on Project Scorpio, we just wish that comes true.