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Here’s Why Lillie and Magearna Will Have An Important Role To Play in Pokemon Sun and Moon

We now have a new theory detailing how Magearna will have a somewhat significant impact in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

If you remember Pokemon Sun and Moon demonstration, you should be able to recall the scene where player and Hau meet with Professor Kukui and Lillie. During the scene, Lillie’s bag begins to shake and audience hears the slight ‘Pew’ sound.

Now it goes without saying that there is a Pokemon inside and according to a fan-theory put forth by GamenGuide; the Pokemon inside is none other than Pokemon Sun and Moon Magearna.

When it comes to supporting evidence for the theory, it is said that Lillie is not too fond of making Pokemon fight with each other. Moreover, Pokemon Sun and Moon Magearna is said to feel the pain and sufferings of other Pokemon. Although a long stretch, but it can be possible that Lillie feels this way because of some sort of connection between the two.

The theory goes further out to say that one of the reason as to why Lillie is so mysterious is maybe because she is a descendant of the scientist who created Magearna. Once again, this is all farfetched, it indeed seems like both Lillie and Magearna will have some sort of important role to play in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In relevant Pokemon Sun and Moon news, Nintendo has confirmed that Sun and Moon Steelbook Edition will happen and depending upon whether players get Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, they will get their hands on Solgaleo or Lunala. The steelbook edition will release alongside the game.

Nintendo has also announced that more news on Pokemon Sun and Moon will be revealed on Jul. 01, 2016. For more information, stay tuned to SegmentNext.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are scheduled to release on Nov. 18, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.