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Battlefield 4 UI is Being Overhauled, Web Browser Will Not be Required to Play Matches

It has been three years since the release of Battlefield 4, and still the game is more popular compared to other DICE titles like,\ Battlefield Hardline and Star Wars Battlefront. Now we were not expecting it, but DICE is updating the Battlefield 4 UI.

The upcoming user interface will first launch on Battlefield 4 and then will be applied to Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 1.

The purpose of this Battlefield 4 UI overhaul is to completely remove the web browser from the equation to find and join games. After this overhaul players will be able to find and join online matches from from game menu, the way it used to be until Battlefield 3.

The new Battlefield 4 UI will also include a recommendation engine, which will suggest maps , modes and more to players, making it easy for players to find online matches. According to DICE:

The new Battlefield user interface is designed to improve the experience of playing with friends and to bring relevant content to your attention.

Even though Battlefield Hardline has been out there for almost over a year, Battlefield 4 multiplayer is popular among fans. 30,000 players playing the game is the prove that Battlefield 4 is still going strong.

Recently a report surfaced on the internet suggesting that Battlefield 4 has more concurrent users than Battlefield Hardline and Star Wars Battlefront.

However, it looks much worse for Battlefield Hardline, which was released 18 moths after the launch of Battlefield 4 and barely manages to get 25,000 active players according to data.

According to the report Battlefield 4 has 125,000 active users averagely in 24 hours, and Star Wars Battlefront has 80,000 active users on average in 24 hours.

Star Wars Battlefront was a best seller for EA, as the game sold over 13 million copies, but the data shows that players have lost interest in the game.

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