Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Mechanics Now Have Even More Options

Watch Dogs 2 seems to be going for the classic sequel philosophy of “bigger and better”, and there’s nowhere more vital for this game than the Watch Dogs 2 hacking mechanics. As shown in the game’s E3 demo, players in Watch Dogs 2 will now have even more ways to hack things all around San Francisco.

In the E3 demo, we got shown one of the new Watch Dogs 2 hacking mechanics in the form of drones, piloted by the central protagonist Marcus Holloway. Hacking inside buildings where you’re not supposed to be now requires a degree of stealth, requiring you to keep your little robot buddies out of sight in order to prevent them from getting smashed.

Marcus will have both airborne drones and rolling drones to use in hacking, and will most likely be able to hack from his phone just like Aiden Pierce. Not to mention the Watch Dogs 2 hacking mechanics are being expanded beyond the first game’s.

For instance, while the first game was only dealing with hacking and surveillance, Watch Dogs 2 is going to be focusing on more things that Ubisoft Montreal calls “Big Data”. This means things like social media networks, search engines and whatnot.

In the E3 demo, Marcus actually infiltrates a corrupt politician’s campaign headquarters, which is currently being wiped of anything that could hurt his election chances, so politics are also a possibility.

Watch Dogs 2’s mechanics will also include things like a 3D printer, where you can build your own firearms and new drones, and an expansion of what all you can hack. Ubisoft Montreal has also said they’ll be aiming for three different playstyles.

These are the combat hacker, which uses hacking to aid them in combat, the ghost hacker, where you hack to make distractions, and the trickster hacker, where you can finish a mission entirely with a drone, without ever having to step inside the building.

Watch Dogs 2 will be releasing on November 15 of this year, so when that time rolls around we can all try and tailor our hacking styles to what’s best.