Microsoft Announce Warzone Firefight For Halo 5 Guardians, New Maps And Modes Coming On June 29

Microsoft and 343 Industries are hard at work to support Halo 5, and the devs have provided a steady stream of free content for the game since its release. And rest assured, the stream is not stopping anytime soon as Microsoft has announced Warzone Firefight for Halo 5, which is the biggest expansion yet for the game and will arrive on June 29.

Not only this, but to celebrate the release of Warzone Firefight, Halo 5 Guardians will be free for Xbox Live members from June 29 to July 5th. Also, Halo 5:  Guardians will be 50% off during the same time.

Warzone Firefight will bring with itself a slew of content.

Firstly, Warzone Firefight increases the difficulty of each round and adds new bosses and vehicles, such as Grunt Goblin boss and the powerful UNSC VTOL, AV-49 Wasp.

Warzone Firefight brings a new mode to play Halo 5: Guardians campaign, Score Attack. This mode will let players compete with one another in order to gain points and medals in both online co-op or solo. It is important to mention that points are crucial in Score Attack, so defeat enemies in style.

Warzone Firefight brings three new maps for multiple game modes; Attack on Sanctum, Prospect and Molten. Attack on Sanctum will take players to the covenant homeworld of Sanghelios, the Prospect features rocky roads and Molten is the heaven for the arena players.

One of the new features coming to Halo 5 Guardians is a new ocean themed Forge canvas, Tidal. Now players will not have to find water to Forge on.

New REQ items will be added to Halo 5 Guardians including Cinder and Cyclops armor sets, Covenant vehicle and weapon variants and additional customization sets.

Moreover, 343 Industries has more surprises for the fans in the livestream of pre-release of Warzone Firefight on June 28 starting at 2 pm PT via their twitch stream.


Halo 5 is available on Xbox One.