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Valve Explains Why CS: GO Is Not Giftable During Steam Summer Sale, Sites Like G2A Are Culprit?

Valve has confirmed that players will not be able to gift CS: GO throughout the on-going Steam Summer Sale.

The Steam Summer Sale officially kicked off yesterday and offered 50 per cent discount on popular CS: GO. However, users immediately began to notice that they were unable to purchase the game as a gift.

Now Valve’s Ido Magal has come forward with an explanation that reads:

CS: GO will not be giftable during the sale. Our goal with sales is to grow the community and historically, during sales, the new users that stick around are mainly the ones that purchase copies for themselves.

Despite Valve’s explanation, there are some who believe there is more to the story. Some of the users believe that the step is taken to prevent third-party websites from stocking up on game keys and then reselling them on websites like G2A and other sellers.

G2A controversy recently rose when an indie developer tinyBuild stated that G2A sold nearly half a million-dollar worth of its games, but the developer did not receive a single cent from it.

Popularity of websites like G2A is on the rise because of the fact that users can get their hands on cheap CD-keys when compared to platforms like Steam, Origin, uPlay, etc.

Even in on-going Steam Summer Sale, CS: GO is being sold out for £5.99 instead of £11.99 while it is for £6.12 on G2A. Moreover, users can also get Russian CD-keys from there, activate it using a Russian VPN, and play the game.

Using the method, users relying on sites like G2A to get their games are able to get newly released AAA for about 20 per cent off right from the release day of the game.

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