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Dishonored 2: Things We Would Like To See In the Sequel

Arkane’s Dishonored 2 is easily among my top-5 games that I’m looking forward to most this year. The first game is nigh perfection and with the exception of co-op multiplayer, there is nothing I would have wanted from the original Dishonored.

Even amidst major exclusives, Dishonored 2 managed to leave its mark once again during E3 2016 media briefing. There is a lot we know and the rest will be divulged when the game releases this November.

Now that we have a finalized release date, I have jotted down a few things that I would love to see in Dishonored 2.

Improvement on Stealth Mechanics
The ability to use multiple approaches to go past a level is something I adore about Dishonored. However, during my playthrough of the original game, I could not help noticing some things which could have used a couple extra tweaks.

For example, you could poke out your head around a corner for indefinite period of time without anyone noticing. May be little things like these are there to keep the difficulty balance in check, but further improving on it would definitely please the hardcore stealth fans.

Better AI
My previous point and this point go hand in hand. I can recall a few instances where guards would go past a half-concealed unconscious body of their fellow comrade. In addition to this, guards were unable to see through glass panes in the previous game which would allow you to proceed through a mission without breaking a sweat.

Since Dishonored is a game which likes to keep players on their toes, having better AI and improved stealth mechanics in Dishonored 2 would certainly be a plus.

More Choices… the Complicated Ones
The moral choices system in the original Dishonored game works really well and it would be a welcome sight to see Arkane Studios expand on it!

Chained NPCs questline – as seen in FromSoftware’s SoulsBorne games – hard choices that impact the endings, and decisions that make players feel personal would be cool! In Dishonored 2, it would be nice to see players progress through the game only to be faced by an unexpected outcome of one of their previous actions.

Co-Op Multiplayer
Dishonored 2 gameplay director has already confirmed that adding co-op multiplayer in the game would ruin the experience that Dishonored aims at offering. However, this is something I sorely missed in the original game!

And now that we know that Dishonored 2 will have two playable characters – Corvo and Emily – I cannot help but think how fascinating co-op mode would be! Constantly coordinating with your friend to distract guards while you progress towards a key target would have worked for me, but as the game’s director said, it would have worked for some other game, but not Dishonored.

Expand on Outsider’s Story
It goes without saying that Outsider will definitely return in Dishonored 2, but getting to know more about him will make things even more interesting. In the original Dishonored game, Outsider was responsible for Corvo’s powers. Corvo did not have a choice of killing or sparing Outsider, but we found mysterious clues about him throughout the world.

Since there are a lot of new powers coming to Dishonored 2, is Outsider responsible for all those or a bigger player has joined the fray? There are questions which will be answered once we get our hands on the game, but right now we can only assume! What if the Outsider turns out to be the main antagonist of the upcoming sequel? That would be insane!

Dishonored 2 is scheduled to release on Nov. 11, 2016 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.