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Street Fighter V Matchmaking Will Be Faster and Smarter After June Update

Clearly, Capcom’s development team that has been working on the Street Fighter V matchmaking systems are also going to be pretty busy with changes and improvements that are going to be made to the system with the upcoming June update.

Now, the developers have outlined four different areas that are being improved in order to give us better matchmaking in the fighting title namely Matchmaking Preferences, Matchmaking Speed, Smarter Matchmaking and the Quality of Matches.

As far as preferences are concerned, Capcom knows that people have had issues with things like “hardware preference settings, connection quality settings and being matched with other players far outside of your League Point range,” all of which are going to be sorted out in the June update.

Moving on, we have (finally) been promised a faster Street Fighter V matchmaking system. This will be attained by taking on the problem of slow League Point synchronizations:

In some cases, player’s League Points weren’t synchronizing across all servers which resulted in longer than expected wait times to find a match. With this fix, users should start seeing matches at a more rapid pace than before.

Talking of, League Points is something that the game’s entire matchmaking system is based on, and with the new Street Fighter V update, this has also been improved to allow players to “be matched with other players of similar skill more often.”

You also get “an increased range of qualified match candidates” and an improved location based logic.

Last but not the least, the June update is going to improve the connection range settings (1-5), which should improve the quality and properly “reflect the quality of incoming matches.”

With such an extensive focus on Street Fighter V matchmaking we are sure things will be much better than before, among other things like new DLC characters and maps.