Is ReCore Delayed to December? Amazon UK Allegedly Says So

We have all loved the combat system, weapons, robot cores, dungeons and more in ReCore, and have been watiing for the game’s release on September 13. Sadly, it looks like Armature Studios might have had to delay the game!

While the officials are yet to confirm this, we have picked up word that the game might actually have been delayed by exactly three months.

One of our readers has sent us a screenshot of a message that they received from Amazon UK regarding the preorder they had placed for the game. In the message, the retailer allegedly confirms that the supplier has changed the release date.

Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery based on the new release date:

ReCore (Xbox One)
Estimated arrival date: December 16, 2016.

December 16 does happen to be a Friday which is the day when games are usually released in the United Kingdom, so there is that too.

Of course we are not suggesting this cannot be fake, but there are chances that this could turn out to be an actual delay in the release date. After all, delays are our bread and butter.

ReCore Delay Release Date

On the other hand, so far this is the only evidence of a delay that we have picked up. Amazon US has not been reported to have sent out such emails and the official listing of the game on the Xbox store still has a September 13 release date.

If you are a fan of ReCore but think you should still wait due to the alleged ReCore delay, then you could instead preorder the Art of ReCore which has been made available today.

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