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PSN Flash Sale Coming With Mad Max, Telltale Games and More

A few days ago, we brought up the possibility of a PSN Flash sale coming soon when Playstation shut down the network for a few hours in order to perform maintenance.

Now, it seems like our guesses were accurate: a flash sale is indeed coming, and will be including games from Telltale Studios and the Mad Max game that came out last year.

Games that were shown on the flash sale’s banner included The Walking Dead: Michonne, Tales from the Borderlands, and Mad Max. The PSN Flash sale will likely come around at anywhere from 3PM to 4PM Eastern Standard Time today, and will end on June 27, which is this coming Monday.

May’s own Flash Sale was a fairly well-chosen brace of games, including Okami, Persona 3, and more, so hopefully this flash sale will be just as good.

The banner also indicates that every game on the flash sale is going to be at least eighty percent off, with a ton of games coming.

Playstation may be timing the game sale in order to try and attract the console crowd the same way that the Steam summer sale, which is going on right now, will be attracting the PC crowd.

If you’re one of those kinds of people that plays both PC games and Playstation games, you might be in for a bit of financial hardship if you don’t have any of the games you want that are on the flash sale.

Considering that Telltale’s Walking Dead series and Tales of the Borderlands are seen as two of the studio’s best games (with Tales having a good mix of action and whacky humor, while Walking Dead is known and praised for its drama and choices), they and Mad Max will probably be on a lot of gamers’ lists.

Either way the PSN Flash Sale will likely be starting in around an hour or so, so if you’ve been wanting any particular Playstation games that might be on the sale you should probably get ready to spend some money. Not very much though, thankfully.