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Project Scorpio Price Will Be Similar to The Console Average, Says The Witcher 3 Developer

While we have not been told much about the Project Scorpio price plans, launch plans and a number of other things, the console is already being regarded as an apology by Microsoft for not making the Xbox One powerful enough.

With native 4K gaming, 8 CPU cores, 6 teraflops and more, Microsoft really did set the floor on fire at E3 2016, however, with such boosts in terms of power, one would worry about the price point that they would want to sell it on.

Since Microsoft is yet to start talking on those lines about their Xbox One successor, there are a number of other people who are having their say.

In the mind of The Witcher 3 developer Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, who is the Narrative Designer for Gwent at CD Projekt RED, at least, the Project Scorpio price is not going to be over the top. In fact, he thinks that the Redmond giant is going to stick with a price similar to what consoles have always sold for.

When he was asked if it will cost too much for the ordinary gamer, Tomaszkiewicz said “no I don’t think [it’ll cost too much]. I think they’ll keep the prices the way they always have. It’s still sometime in the future.”

His reasoning does appear to hold some water, since the Xbox Scorpio is still far down the timeline, by the time it comes out the technology in question wouldn’t be as hard-found as it is now, and at such a time, an approachable price would make sense.

However, The Witcher 3 developer was also in the same boat as Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida and Final Fantasy XV’s Hajime Tabata, becuase they were all surprised to hear about it or got to know about the coonsole at E3 themselves.

Do you expect the Project Scorpio price to be somewhere around $400?