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New God Of War Combat System Discussed by Lead Gameplay Engineer

With the reveal of God Of War at Sony’s E3 press conference there has been a lot of speculations around the game. The only conformed details about the game is the shift to Norse Mythology, and that the game will be different from previous titles. Now Lead gameplay engineer, Jeet Shroff, has discussed the new God Of War combat system.

As we saw in the E3 demo of God of War that, Kratos has replaced his chained blades with an axe. The new God Of War combat system seems to be up close and personal, rather than wide and arcing blows in the previous titles.

The combat system is also varied as we saw in the demo that Kratos threw his axe to deal an ranged attack and then switch to hand to hand combat with a fast series of punches, then summoning back the axe like Thor does with its hammer.

Jeet Shroff explained that the team wanted to vary the play-style while using an axe, throwing it on an enemy and switching to hand to hand combat.

Just mixing that play-style between using the axe, throwing the axe away, switching to bare hands, bringing that back and then combining, provides a really fun combat experience.”

Jeet Shroff also explained the role of Karato’s son in the game, saying that he will be more than a character in the game. There will be a button dedicated to him, which will summon him to the battle and will fight alongside Kratos.

God War also has some RPG elements to it, as both Kratos and his son will be upgradeable. According to Sheroff Karato’s son will be a fundamental part of the new God Of War combat system.

As the game progresses you can expect to see the son fighting toe to toe with Kratos taking out enemies on his own.

No release date for God War has been announced, but the game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.