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Nerfs to The Division Special Ammo Coming Next Week With Update 1.3

Ubisoft Massive has confirmed that The Division special ammo, whether we are talking about explosive ammo or incendiary ammo, are going to get nerfed with the upcoming update 1.3.

The senior designer for the game, Fredrik Thylander, who has been working with The Division update 1.3 all this time called it a “proper nerf,” and also explained what is going to happen.

The bottom line of the nerfs is that their effectiveness will decrease by at least 70 to 75 percent! Incendiary ammo is not going to last for as long as it did previously, the decrease is a massive 70 percent!

Talking of the explosive ammo nerf, Thylander says that it tackles explosive ammo being used with something like an M44 to scale up the damage. After nerfs are deployed to The Division special ammo, this will no longer be the case. They have also given an example of what exactly they will change:

Incendiary ammo lasts for much shorter. The actual burn effect when you hit someone; it lasts for 30 percent of what it used to last for. For explosive ammo, the typical use case that we see a lot is the M44 with some explosive ammo; you’d do like 25,000 damage and then an explosion for 100,000. No longer the case.

So now the explosion will always be for the exact damage that the bullet was–so they always scale 1:1. It’s scaled a little bit differently depending on your build and some other factors.

What this translates into is a good tiding that folks who were tired of being blown up by a single M44 shot and explosive, are not going to have that to fear anymore.

The Division special ammo nerfs are just one of the many things that update 1.3 aka Underground Update is going to change or add, another worthy addition will come in the form of three new weapon talents.