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Microsoft Isn’t Spinning Xbox Business, Phil Spencer Responds to DFC Intelligence Report

DFC Intelligence published a report earlier, stating that gaming is Microsoft’s “ugly step-child.” According to the report, it isn’t a question of “if” Microsoft would leave the gaming business but a matter of “when and how.” The timing to the report is a little odd because Microsoft’s E3 press event was a pretty good indication that they plan to remain in the gaming market and build a stronger presence in the industry.

Microsoft revealed two new Xbox consoles at E3 2016, Xbox One S and Xbox 4K aka Project Scorpio. The later is a new Xbox model that supports 4K native with 60hz gaming. Meanwhile, the Xbox One S is a slimmer model of the current-gen Xbox One and comes with HDR and many other new features.

Microsoft is also pushing itself to do better in the PC gaming scene. Windows 10 gaming combined with Xbox are at the helm of Microsoft’s stretagy to grab a chunk of the PC market. Many major Xbox exclusives are now heading to PC – Gears of War 4 is one of them.

So when asked about the report published by the DFC Intelligence and spinning of Xbox, Phil Spencer said “announcing two consoles, to me, would be a strange lead-in to that.”

Since he took over, Phil Spencer, has done a tremendous job of constructing a better image for Xbox One and bring it back in the game after a disastrous start.

If someone published this report a year ago we would have been worried and paid more attention to it. However, right now Microsoft is doing nothing but focusing on creating an even stronger brand.

If they were planning to spin Xbox then announcing two consoles would indeed be a very strange lead-in, so Spencer has a point. And as far as the matter of Microsoft leaving the gaming industry goes, we don’t think that would be happening either.

For now, Microsoft fans have nothing to worry about and enjoy their favorite games on their favorite platform.