Gears Of War 4 Pushing Xbox One Hardware, 4K Visuals And More

It is no doubt that Microsoft wants Coalition Studio to make Gears Of War 4 the graphical benchmark for Xbox One, and with what we saw at E3 the studio has succeeded in doing so.

Now, The Coalition Studio’s technical director, Mike Rayner, has spoken out that how is Gears Of War 4 pushing Xbox One hardware.

In an video interview, Mike Rayner discussed how Gears Of War 4 is pushing Xbox One hardware, the scalability of Unreal Engine 4 and the advantages of Directx 12 and bringing 4K visuals to PC that have the power to support them.

According to Rayner, The Coalition Studio wants nothing but to make the best possible Gears Of War game as possible. He also noted that Gears Of War 4 will be available for Xbox Play Anywhere, which will let player play Gears Of War 4 on Xbox one and PC, their achievements, save files and progression will be synchronized for both platforms.

Rayner noted that all of this have been possible due to cross-play functionality that Microsoft has introduced. However, they had to optimize the game for both platform, specially for PC from high-end systems to the low end. He said the team has put a lot of effort in Gears of War 4 pushing Xbox One hardware, to make the game a visual showcase for the console.

Ryan also said that with the use if Directx 12 has helped them a lot for pushing the visuals, getting the optimal performance and then carrying it over to PC with better FPS, it makes them to push the game as hard as possible.

He also notes that if players got the system for it, they will get the high resolution 4K textures and as for Xbox One they have optimized to game to render on 1080P. You can checkout the whole interview in the video above.

Recently The Coalition Studio announced a new feature for Gears Of War 4 horde mode, that in Horde mode only the host is required to own the map in order to friend to play. Players will be able to checkout the map without even owning it.

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