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Dead Rising 4 Video Leaked, Shows Weapons, Selfies, and More

Ever since Dead Rising 4 was unveiled at the Xbox conference at E3 2016, people have been clamoring for details about the game. This is in no small part due to the return of Frank West, the very first protagonist in the series. A Dead Rising 4 video has now been leaked to the internet, showing us a few minutes of gameplay.

The video doesn’t really have anything notable in it; Frank walks around the game’s setting (apparently Willamette Mall in Christmas time, or the whole town), uses a lawnmower to run over zombies, and the return of the first game’s photography mechanic, in this case Frank taking various selfies with zombies. We also get a glimpse of Frank using a few weapons.

One of the weapons shown in the video seems to be one of the combo weapons that was debuted in Dead Rising 2: in this case, a tricycle/lawnmower/flamethrower. Others included a bat with nails and sawblades, a simple wooden beam, guns, and your very own fists.

That said, the actual E3 trailer had already caused a lot of people to be impressed. It was essentially a showcase of everything you could use in the game, including what looked like a lawnmower with Tesla coils, a fire-breathing Triceratops head, a candy-cane shooting crossbow, and a whole lot more.

The Dead Rising 4 video also gives us what appears to be a bit of plot insight: mainly that Frank is locked up in some prison or lab run by the military, at least in the beginning of the game. It would appear that, despite the ending of Dead Rising 3 (at least the good ending) where a cure was discovered for the zombie plague.

Whatever it looks like the military is up to in the Dead Rising 4 video, it would appear that we break out and get into the main Willamette town in order to go into the venue of mindless fun and zombie-killing that they’re known for.