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Days Gone Lead Character is a “Broken Man” In Search of Himself

Days Gone is a beautiful game and came as the biggest surprise of E3 2016. Previously, we were speculating that Days Gone is The Last of 2 but it turned out to be a new IP. However, its setting and concept is similar to The Last of Us but its arcade style gun-play makes it different from Naughty Dog’s classic.

Days Gone is set in a post apocalyptic world filled with zombies and other threats. Its open world is lush and you are allowed to free roam around on a modified dirt bike. Your lead character is Deacon St. John, an ex member of a biker gang and a current bounty hunter of the new world.

He lost the love of his life and his brothers from his motorcycle gang. He has lost pretty much everything in his life and is now playing the anti-hero. He is a brutal and dangerous man, unlike your traditional typical post-apocalyptic hero.

He has the tools and skills to survive in the new world and the things he finds in the wild will help him build new tools and weapons.

He can find things out in the field and create better tools. For example, you’ll see he’s actually threaded the barrel of his pistol with the same thread pattern as an oil filter, so if he finds oil filters out in the world he can screw them on and it’ll allow him a couple of suppressed shots

The motorcycle will play a major role in the game as well. It will help you traverse the map, go to places where a car can’t reach.

It’s extremely nimble — a car can’t fit into certain spaces, and can’t do certain things a motorcycle can do. It’s not the normal biker gang motorcycle. He’s adapted this thing to work in the wild. There’s no way you’re going to pull off jumps or cross the kind of terrain you saw here on a Harley-style bike

Motorcycling is a vibrant culture but is on occasion associated with mayhem and violence. Deacon is the product of that violence and mayham which makes his ready and equipped to deal with any and all threats.

For more on Days Gone, stay-tuned.