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Battlefield 1 PC Won’t Feature any Web Launcher

Battlefield 1 fans can be thankful to DICE for at least one thing when the game comes out this October: they will no longer have to log into servers from web browsers on the Internet. This will get rid of one very irritating feature from previous Battlefield games on PC, where you had to log in to a game server on the internet before you could join multiplayer.

Previous games like Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield Hardline on PC required you to log in through the Battlelog website, a notoriously laborious process that pretty much no one enjoyed. While Battlelog allowed you to do things like change game modes, choose maps, go to forums, and more, DICE may have something more intuitive in mind.

Having to connect to the servers through a web browser also had a lot of mechanical issues, causing crashes and more.

With what seems to be the death of Battlelog for Battlefield PC, Battlefield 1 will likely have something better in mind, or at least something that doesn’t require you to go out of the game and log in a different way before you can actually play.

Battlefield 1 does, however, still have a server browser to divide up servers for players, but at least now it will be easier for PC players to use, much like the console games.

However, that does bring up the question of what exactly PC players are actually going to use to play Battlefield 1 online.

While it’s almost guaranteed that DICE has come up with something to replace that system, we still don’t have any details on what that system is actually going to be. While it’s most likely a more intuitive way to connect to multiplayer, we don’t know very much about the technical side of Battlefield 1, let alone its PC version.

Hopefully DICE has thought up everything that it needs to avoid another disastrous launch like Battlefield 4 was, and Battlefield 1 will get the same amount of praise that Battlefield 3 did.