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Uncharted Movie’s Drake Shouldn’t Be Played by Mark Wahlberg, Says Nolan North

It is not often that you hear of celebrities publicly diss another celebrity over nothing, okay well maybe they do… and Nolan North, the voice actor behind good old Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 has done something similar with the rumored running star of Uncharted Movie, Mark Wahlberg.

Nolan North, the longstanding actor behind the lead character of the Uncharted series is loved by many for being a representation of Drake, so his opinion on who should play the lead character in the movie was also important.

In an interview with DailyStar, he said that “the last I heard Mark Wahlberg was still in the running, but I really don’t see it.”

Who should play the role then? You might ask him, well, he thinks it should have been Chris Pratt, had the guy not rejected the role already. North even has his ideas on why Pratt could have said no to the Uncharted Movie:

I thought Chris Pratt would do it justice, but guess what he did it already in Guardians of the Galaxy–that was a Nathan Drake character. He’s vulnerable, he’s kinda funny, he’s kinda that hero with a smirk, cocky and confident. That scene when he says ‘I’m Starlord’–that’s such a Drake moment.

If you are fan of everything Nathan Drake was in Uncharted 4, you would say why can’t Nolan North himself play the role! His reasons are genuine, because he says “by the time the producers get it together, I’ll be old enough to play Sullivan.”

He jokingly said that he wanted the role but that has about ten years ago at a time when he was in his mid 30’s and when such a role would have been more suitable for him. Now, he says it has taken forever to get the Uncharted Movie out.