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It Was a Struggle to Stick to The Last Guardian’s Original Idea; But The Game Hasn’t Changed in Nine Years!

Fumito Ueda these days has a lot to say about The Last Guardian; yesterday he was divulging his five storytelling secrets and now we found him discussing how much of a struggle it has been in hte past nine years to stick to the vision of the game they started with, and how much of it had had to be changed by the time it got an official release date.

Ueda says that through the nine years of the game’s development period he has had to remind himself constantly of what actually was the game he set out to make; what was the game’s personality going to be, what was the aim and so on.

This has been the case he says, because the long development phase of The Last Guardian, or any other game for that matter, makes it hard to have a consistent vision:

One of the things that can be very difficult is when you start making a game, the first thing you have to come up with is “what kind of game do I want to play?” Then, you move from there. But the longer you spend in development, the more you forget that original impulse, ‘what kind of game I want to play?’ That’s something I take very seriously. I always take a point of reminding myself periodically ‘when I first started this, what was I aiming for? What was the game I wanted to play?”

However, his devotion to the idea of the game is commendable as despite a variety of changes to Ueda’s personal life, he has not let things have a major impact on what the game feels like.

The only things that he has allowed to get influenced in this time have been “little things here and there.” There has not been a lot of change in The Last Guardian and the vision has more or less stayed the same.

Now that is what we call being committed to an idea!