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Scalebound Developer Was Pestering Capcom for the Resident Evil 2 Remake

Scalebound developer, Hideki Kamiya, was the original director of Resident Evil 2. He is a huge fan of the game and has been asking Capcom for a Resident Evil 2 remake for a long time. Now that it is finally happening, he isn’t directly involved with the project due to his responsibilities for Scalebound.

Behind the scenes, I go drinking with Jun Takeuchi quite often. Every time I would go drinking with him I would pester him: ‘You’re going to remake that, right? You’re going to remake that, right? You’re going to remake that, right?’ And he’d say, ‘No, we’re busy with other games

He added:

As a fan of that game, not just someone who made it, I’m really happy that they listened to me — to us

So who is directing the new game? Well, he didn’t say who it is but does know for sure the name of Resident Evil 2 remake director. He wouldn’t name him for us but says he joined Capcom in the same year as Kamiya did and was involved with the original Resident Evil 2.

It should be made clear that Resident Evil 2 remake is being built from the ground up and is not a remaster. We will see gameplay and visual improvements that would bring this game to life once again in the modern age.

Resident Evil took a different direction after Resident Evil 3, it went down the action road which didn’t really work for it. However, with the newly announced Resident Evil 7, the series is going back to the roots.

Resident Evil 7 will release on PlayStation 4 and other platforms in early 2017. It is fully playable in PlayStation VR and a demo is available on PlayStation Store.

You will notice how similar the demo is to P.T but keep in mind that the demo isn’t a part of the main game.

Source: Polygon