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Quake Champions Will Be PC-Exclusive, Says Tim Willits

After Quake Champions was revealed at Bethesda’s conference at this year’s E3, Tim Willits of iD Software has announced that the game will be PC exclusive.

The original announcement came from the Bethesda E3 conference, which came alongside a remastered The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, a remake of Prey, and gameplay from Dishonored 2.

Quake Champions will be a multiplayer-exclusive game, and will serve as a throwback to the earlier Quake games that made the Quake games one of the multiplayer staples of PC gaming. Willits has said that the game was being developed with a focus on eSports.

According to Bethesda more information about Quake Champions is going to be revealed at QuakeCon (itself starting out of the Quake community), alongside other games from studios under the ownership of ZeniMax Studios. Considering that id Software also counts as one of those studios owned by ZeniMax, hopefully Quake Champions manages to revive the old competitive online shooters of the day like Unreal Tournament, the original Quake, and more.

Quake Champions will be featuring a cast of unique characters that each have their own kinds of powers and abilities, and will be fighting each other with a huge armory full of weapons. While there isn’t much to look at on right now, hopefully iD Software will be giving out more info before, after, and during QuakeCon.

Quake Champions being an entirely multiplayer-focused game is somewhat atypical for the series, even though the last Quake game came out way back in 2010. Quake 3 Arena, which came out in 1999, was the last Quake game to be multiplayer-focused, while all of the other Quake games also had a single player mode.

Either way hopefully Quake Champions will get a good reception whenever more information about it is revealed, so we’ll just have to look forward to QuakeCon to learn more.