Prepare Yourself for Titanfall 2 Titans Ronin, Scorch and Ion; All Details on Abilities, Ordnance, Tactical, Defensive and Core

We are waiting eagerly to get inside the Titanfall 2 Titans ever since Respawn Entertainment has discussed the game’s campaign with us and told us about the new Network Feature for the community.

However, we are yet to know about all the titans there are going to be in the game, we only know of three of them so let’s discuss each one of them in detail including everything there is to know about them.

There are six Titans that have a permanent loadout, and each has separate roles. The roles of the titans are divided according to their special abilities, that are further divided into four types namely Ordnance, Tactical, Defensive and Core.

While so far only half of the six Titanfall 2 Titans have been revealed by the officials i.e. Ronin, Ion and Scorch, let’s go over them one by one while we wait for the rest of them.

All Abilities and Details on Titanfall 2 Titans in One Place!

This guy gets it’s nick from Scorched Earth, he relies heavily upon fire whether you are talking about offensive or defensive tactics, and he is good at pushing the enemies out of cover by using a chain of abilities.

T200-3 Thermite Launcher is his primary weapon which is a single projectile lethal weapon while for Ordnance he relies on a fire wall that is thrown towards the enemy. His tactical ability is Incendiary Trap where easy to blast gas canisters are thrown.

Last but not the least, Heat Shield is his Defensive ability that can liquify stuff and he comes with Flame Core which can literally destroy anything in range.

Unlike Scorch, this one has one dash. He has a central energy system powering all his abilities and is pretty good at Tactical play. The Atlus kin comes with a Splitter Rifle for its primary weapon that makes rapid single fires as well as a special three shot move.

He gets one up on Scorch in terms of Ordnance and shoots Laser Shots to cut through anything. In Tactical he has Tripwire, which can be triggered by lasers. Talking of the defensive abilities, he has got a Vortex Shield that not only stops the fire from reaching you but also redirects it towards the enemy.

Its chest fires a Laser Core, a deadly one, that can really stop anything that comes in its way.

Reminiscent of Titanfall itself, this one of the Titanfall 2 Titans is pretty agile and fragile. He is good at hit and run operations but not at standing ground. He has an Arc Wave ability that slows, and this guy itself is pretty quick, which can be a lethal combo.

Its primary weapon is a Leadwall Shotgun, a high power shotgun that has low capacity. Clearly, you know this guy from the game’s leak just like you know Arc Wace, its Ordnance ability using the sword that can shoot electrical waves through the ground to enemies. This slows them down and also deals damage.

On tactical side, this guy has Phase Dash, which essentially is its way of skipping the fight for a little while and escaping all attacks by dashing towards any side and becoming invincible. On the defense side it has Sword Block that cuts down on the damage being dealt for as long as you want.

Last but not the least, even its core has to do with the sword as it is called Sword Core, that adds to its melee attacks and unlocks new attacks you can do with the sword.

We will be doing a detailed roundup on the remaining three Titanfall 2 Titans too, check back for that later or watch this gameplay in the meanwhile.

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