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Pokemon Sun And Moon Steelbook Edition Confirmed by Nintendo

Pokemon Sun And Moon Steelbook Edition is happening and will release for 3DS alongside the game’s release. Depending on whether you pick Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, the steelbook will feature Solgaleo or Lunala.

The steelbook case will the go well with the newly announced Pokemon Sun and Moon special 3DS XL featuring Solgaleo and Lunala etched on it.

Here’s a look at the steelbook case.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Steelbook Edition looks pretty tempting.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is highly anticipated game and it was extensively shown at E3 2016. Nintendo’s Treehouse livestream brought us new information regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon. We were given a look at Yungoos, a normal-type monster. Its abilities include Stakeout and Strong Jaw.

The second new Pokemon for Sun and Moon to be shown at E3 was Pikapek, a normal/flying woodpecker. Its special abilities include Keen Eye and Skill Link.

Nintendo is also giving away Pokemon Sun and Moon Magearna. So far all the confirmed Pokemon are listed below:

  • Rowlet – Grass/Flying Type
  • Litten – Fire Type
  • Popplio – Water Type
  • Iwanko – Rock Type
  • Nekkoala – Normal Type
  • Pikipek – Normal/Flying Type
  • Yungoos – Normal Type
  • Grubbin – Bug Type
  • Solgaleo – Psychic/Steel Type
  • Lunala – Psychic/Ghost Type

For more on Pokemon Sun and Moon, stay-tuned.