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Overwatch Sales Crush Battleborn And Send It Home Crying

Gearbox Software was probably hoping for its multiplayer shooter to be the next Borderlands when it released Battleborn back at the beginning of May. Unfortunately, Blizzard very quickly overran it with Overwatch sales when it released on May 26, as Battleborn’s goofy humor and admittedly spectacular animated cutscenes were no match for Blizzard’s superior advertising, more polished gameplay, and all-around better game.

Overwatch sales have totaled up to around 269 million dollars in May alone, and boasted several million players in both its beta and in its released version. The game’s competitive multiplayer component will be releasing sometime this month.

While Battleborn has its own multiplayer component, it doesn’t have ranked battle and unlocking many of its characters require you to reach a certain level in multiplayer. In contrast, Overwatch has every character in its roster unlocked from the beginning.

Overwatch sales also aren’t just talking about the game’s various copies. The game’s microtransaction system, where you can buy various loot boxes to get new skins, sprays, and poses, has also proven very popular with Overwatch players.

Battleborn sales only totaled around 18 million dollars for its own sales, and it doesn’t even have microtransactions to boost its profits. At the same time, the ratings of the two games also were somewhat disparate. Where Overwatch got critical acclaim from reviewers, Battleborn got only middling reviews.

While both games do have unique characters that are each divided into a different sort of category (offense, defense, and support), it can be argued that Overwatch does the job better, especially when it comes to big set-piece battles rather than team modes in a multiplayer-exclusive game.

It’s likely that Overwatch sales will continue to trample Battleborn into the dirt, but hopefully Battleborn does get some kind of success and become a cult classic like what Borderlands eventually turned into.