NHL 17 Beta, First Gameplay And Cover Star Revealed By EA

Electronic Arts has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming NHL 17, along with the announcement of NHL 17 beta and the cover star for the game.

The cover star for this year’s NHL 17 is Vladimir Tarasenko of  St. Louis Blues, you can check out the box art below.

NHL 17 beta


To get access to NHL 17 beta all you have to do is sign up on EA sports website, the sign ups will continue till July 7th. Some time after players will receive an email containing the code the gives the access to NHL 17’s Online Versus, HUT, and EASHL modes. The NHL 17 beta will continue from July 28 to August 4th.

EA Sports has also revealed some new gameplay modes, Arena creator and more for NHL 17. EA has introduced Draft champion mode for NHL 17, In this mode players will be able to draft popular athletes and legends for their dream team.

In addition to this World Cup Hockey mode has also been introduced in the game, which will let players compete against other teams for the world champion title.

The game also offers a Be a GM mode, in this mode the players will be in the contact with owner of the team and all of the team affairs. Players can also adjust other stuff like arena and food stalls.

NHL 17 also features a Goal Area Dueling system, which is a fight for every inch in front of the goal area also now goalkeepers will have authentic postures and movements.

The game also features Reactionary Save intelligence, which reads the game situation and the goalkeeper responds accordingly to save the goal.

Team editor mode is another feature introduced to NHL 17  which players create their own logos and stickers. In Arena Creator players will be able to create their custom venues for EA Sports Hockey League mode and Franchise mode.

NHL 17 will release on September 13, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.