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You can Make Your Own Destiny Mega Blox Figures

Destiny Mega Blox figures are now a thing (at least in cyberspace) on the Mega Blox website, where you can make your own Guardian free of charge using a handy little customization website. The website, a new website doesn’t have much, but you can make a Guardian with every available color.

In the customization screen, which you can reach by following this link, you can customize everything from your Guardian’s pose to the weapon they’re holding to what class they are to what color they are.

The only thing that you can’t customize on them is what race they are, but it’s basically the actual Destiny game’s equipment screen so that’s not much of a loss.

Unfortunately you can’t put on anything like your marks, sashes, or cloaks like you can in the game, but that would probably be too much even for Mega Blox. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem with Destiny Mega Blox figures.

Even though it’s cool to see Destiny figures made into Mega Blox, in addition to the lack of other small attachments, there’s also no option to get a physical version of your created Guardian.

You can download it to keep as a personal thing, or use it as an avatar on the website, but you’re out of luck if you want to have one made and mailed to you.

Considering that Bungie doesn’t have any Destiny figures in its own store, the Destiny Mega Blox figures were one of the last hopes that we might get anything that isn’t a fan-made figure. Bungie may try it in the future but considering Mega Blox is a kid’s toy they may think that Destiny’s too much for little kids.

Oh well. Maybe some other time, Guardians. At least, in the meantime, we’ll have Rise of Iron to tide us over.