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Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor Is Now Live; Beta Has Ended

Dennaton Games and Abstraction Games have been collaborating on the Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor for a good long time, and finally they have managed to push it out of the beta to live.

The developers took to the official Steam page of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and announced that a new patch was being released today which primarily covered the final build of the level editor for the live version of the game.

This update also makes some minor bug fixes to the game in general, and the developers have promised to put up a detailed changelog of everything included.

However, they pointed to the Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor forums for a new post on the patch notes, but there is none to be seen so far. We will share them with you when they get posted.

The developers have also asked the community to report any bugs they face on the same Level Editor forum, or get rid of it if things aren’t looking too good:

If you experience any issues with this latest update, please report them in the pinned Bug Report Thread in the Level Editor forum. Additionally; should the latest update cause serious new issues on your machine, we have also set the previous build (v1.05) live on the ‘no_editor’ branch. Use that to opt-out of the editor update while we look for a solution to the problem.

With the Level Editor out on live you can “go make Hotline Miami 3” as the developers put it, but you could also spend some time trying out the 92 campaigns and 722 single levels that are already there on the Steam Workshop page.

The best part is that the Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor is free, meaning anyone can start being creative (and crazy) in the world of Jacket.