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Here’s What Sets Apart Days Gone Story From The Rest; Anti-Hero Personas, Bikers and More

We know that Sony Bend is working on yet another zombie based apocalyptic world, but there has to be something that makes this one click among so many other games that have all but the same premise. So what sets apart the Days Gone story from the rest? Let’s discuss.

There are a number of aspects that have been pointed out in the game’s E3 2016 reveal and some more that have been recently discussed by creative director Ron Allen of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

So first off, is the primary mode of traversal i.e. our protagonist Deacon St. John’s bike. This is more than just a traveling solution, actually as Allen says it “plays a huge, huge part.”

It’s extremely nimble — a car can’t fit into certain spaces, and can’t do certain things a motorcycle can do. It’s not the normal biker gang motorcycle. He’s adapted this thing to work in the wild. There’s no way you’re going to pull off jumps or cross the kind of terrain you saw here on a Harley-style bike.

So the bike is like a partner in crime for Deacon, who, due to the loss of his biker gang is also very much attached to everything reminiscent of them and “he holds on to that aspect of his past, and cherishes those relationships.”

The bike also performs as your extra storage box, by the way.

The second most important thing in the Days Gone story is that we are not living the life of a hero here, this guy is not textbook material. He is the anti-hero, and that fits in so well with the backdrop of being a member of a biker gang.

Deacon has an “appetite for violence and mayhem” and he is clearly “a dangerous man” who has become formidable in the uncompromising world he is now living in.

The bottom line is, with the Days Gone story we are being put into a world where desperate people are doing desperate stuff, and we are the guy who can really be ruthless to everything, including the Freakers, as Sony Bend calls them.

The game has previously been labelled as the Dead Rising 4 of PlayStation 4, though we are not completely condoning that. We just hope that the dynamic visuals and fully explorable open world shown in these new screenshots live up to the expectations of every one who is waiting eagerly for this one to come out on the PS4.