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Elite Dangerous Update 2.1.03 is Live, Patch Notes Inside

Elite Dangerous update 2.1.03 has gone live and brings a bucket full of changes and fixes for the game. Servers for Elite Dangerous will be down for 2 hours.

Once the patch is implemented, you will notice better overall performance, VR experience improvements, NPC changes and much more. Below are some of the highlights from Elite Dangerous Update 2.1.03.

Stability Fixes

– Fixes a crash in the case of a ship being killed or fleeing while waiting for a response to a docking request
– Fix proxy kinematic rig crash
– Don’t crash on capital ship ‘death’
– Fix for server crash from uncertain CQC state
– Fix a server crash when checking commodity lists
– Fix a server crash when checking a players death
– Fix a crash if we receive damage from a disconnected player in CQC
– Fix a crash if you disconnect while shooting someone while in CQC
– Fix crash when disconnecting while taking damage in CQC
– Applied fix made sure that user has their input focus on a proper component when entering inventory shop
– Fix a crash when handing in missions when trying to find superpower info
– Don’t assume locking of vertex buffers will succeed – prevents crash in terrain generation
– Tackle some soft locks caused by specific POIs
– Fixed softlock when quickly selecting refuel/repair/restock after opening station services
– Fix softlock when signing out as we enter Hyperspace
– Fix for softlock when loading at settlements
– Fix a softlock when approaching or loading in an Engineer’s base
– Fix server disconnect on “Pomeche 2 C”
– Xbox One: Game enters a semi unresponsive state when changing the Yaw Axis Preset from within the Controls Options fixed
– Xbox One: Don’t refresh Inventory when unconstraining. We don’t want the client and server state to get out of sync so we now only check for Inventory

When determining the rank of NPC ships for interdiction, use the player’s combat rank, rather than their highest PF rank, although add 1 rank if their trade or exploration rank is higher than their combat rank
– Updated the Archetypes of the NPCs in the USS cargo drop missions – they are now Ambush Pirate and should attack the player on entry
– Fixed AI rotation damping to work properly across the AI skill range
– alter the changes in allowed interdiction ranks based on security, so that the biggest rank disparities are reserved for very low security and anarchy systems
– Reduced the number of engineer mods on AI ships substantially, now only Deadly & Elite rank ships are guaranteed to have mods and any below Master are guaranteed to have none
– Fix for Large AI ships ramming large player ships
– Slightly reduced the ranks below an AI that they can interdict players, this will tighten up the difficulty a bit
– Add state to Powers Assassin and Powers Security ships to allow them to threaten the player before attacking
– Reduced the percentage interdiction chance of power play ships by 10%, and altered the ship type chances and combat ranks to be more mid range, dropping a lot of the top range down
– Balance mission generated NPCs to be lower ranked (for the most part)


– Only control input focus through HMDs if they are rendering (don’t affect regular mono modes)
– Fix for the VR camera flicker in supercruise transitions

For complete patch notes, head over to the official website.