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Civilization 6 Gets An E3 Video Narrated By Eddard Stark

Sean Bean, otherwise known as Eddard Stark for the past few years, got a little bit more notoriety when he was used by Maxis to narrate a twelve-minute video that showed off the basics of Civilization 6.

Civilization 6 was announced back in May, and Maxis has begun releasing a number of videos to show off the game’s new look.

Sean Bean begins the trailer by showing off the previous iterations of Civilization, ranging from Civilization 1 to Civilization 6. The change in cutscenes and gameplay, going from two-dimensional eight-bit models to detailed models and glorious cutscenes, is staggering in retrospect. Bean’s character, who appears as a sort of tutorial NPC, helps to guide viewers through the various phases of the game.

In the video, the person playing Civilization 6 is playing the Chinese civilization, and helps to build up the country as Sean Bean’s character walks them through building structures to build on resources, including farms, quarries, rice fields (which the character builds over trees), and more before moving to build new improvements to the actual city.

From there the centuries pass by as we see the Chinese civilization build a new city (Beijing), modernize its civilization into modernity, and eventually go to war with Egypt, conquering Giza and making Cleopatra cry before adding the city to its own empire.

Civilization 6 looks like an extremely polished game, with a much simplified and faster building interface, but there’s one more thing that can give the game a positive review point: if Sean Bean ends up being the game’s narrator, then he’ll finally have a role where he doesn’t die.

Civilization 6 is slated to be released on October 21 of this year, so hopefully it will be the best game Maxis has made yet, after the rather middling reception that Civilization: Beyond Earth and Sid Meier’s Starships got.