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2016 Steam Summer Sale Offers Stellaris, ARMA, Darkest Dungeon, Payday and More

The 2016 Steam Summer Sale is now finally underway, and today alone over 12,000 games (12,612 to be exact) on Steam are on sale in various ways. The sale will be lasting until July 4, almost two weeks away.

You can find pretty much all of the hottest games from the past year since the last Steam sale on sale with varying percentages of discounts. The 2016 Steam Summer Sale catalogue includes on the first day games like XCOM 2, Hyper Light Drifter, Xenonauts, Firewatch, and more, and this is just the first day!

With each day of the Steam sale there are going to be new sales on new games, and there’s also the possibility that games that have already gone on sale will end up getting marked down even lower, especially for highly-popular games.

So, if you’ve been looking for a game for to play with a few friends, you could buy Payday 2 or Gauntlet. If you want a long adventure game, take a look at Baldur’s Gate (both 1 and 2 on sale for 7.99), Deus Ex (all of its games available in a bundle for $8.24), or The Banner Saga 2 (available for 15.99, with its predecessor available for 4.99).

Or perhaps you’re looking for a challenging game like Darkest Dungeon (14.99), Xenonauts (9.99), or Dragon’s Dogma (20.09)? Or maybe, just maybe, you just want to kick back and play something relaxing. In that case, why not try Stardew Valley (11.99)?

You could also buy the Steam Controller, a Steam Machine, or the HTC Vive.

Whatever your tastes, the 2016 Steam Summer Sale is the right time. Of course you could always wait until the Steam winter sale that will be coming around this holiday season, but why would you do that when things are available now?

As exciting as the Steam Summer Sale might be, that doesn’t mean you can just go nuts on everything. Your money is a finite resource and as many games as you want to play you should always keep your funds in mind. Make sure you can still eat and pay your bills at the end of this month.