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What We Want in GTA 6: Locations, Vehicles, Side Jobs, Features and Story

We have been reporting on GTA 6 rumors since a while now. For instance, there is one suggesting that the game is going to be set in two new locations namely Las Venturas and San Fierro.

However, we have also picked up word that the game is still in its earliest stages of development which means there still is room for changes whether we are pitching ideas related to locations, vehicles, side jobs, features or the story in this article.

Here goes.

GTA 6 Wishlist

A Same Day Release on Console and PC
Of course we want this! The segregated release plans of GTA 5 were hated by so many people. The PC release, despite still managing to be a major success, came so late we were fed up of it. Not in the case of Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar!

Better NPCs
We loved the GTA 5 world but let’s face it, the citizens could have been much better at interacting with us. We want more than that, something like a purpose. Maybe there could be hidden side jobs or just a take on the story in general. Whatever they do, we want the NPS to be more interactive than before.

A Better Placement of Side Jobs in the Game’s Story and World
We have more than one protagonists and that is the perfect setting for the developers to build on the idea of side jobs and turn them into something more important. Instead of just being isolated incidents, make the side jobs part of storylines of each protagonist on personal levels – take queue from Mafia 3 for a change.

Fuel Tanks, Anyone?
We loved driving around in Los Santos, but what felt totally unrealistic was how the fuel just wouldn’t end because there were no fuel gauges. This needs to change so that new elements can be added not only to free roaming but to car chases.

Locations, Locations, Locations!
Of course we want to visit a place the likes of which have not been tested out in a GTA game before. What if GTA 6 could branch out beyond London, Alderney, Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas not only in terms of locations but also in terms of flavor? What if they could get us a place with a personality that is totally new to the series?

It’s High TIme We Got a Good Strong Female Protagonist
Honestly, I have a feeling we are going to get this one. I mean Trevor is hilarious and so were Michael, Franklin, Niko and CJ. But we need something more on the lines of Catalina. We want a female protagonist who is head strong, and representative of what GTA has been truly missing out on. Also, they need to iron out those criticisms Rockstar Games has been getting.

More Than One Cities?
Okay may be having a game set in the entire USA was a stretch, but we could have multiple cities in the game right? It would be so cool to experience the variations in the environment, population, culture, crime, scenery and so on.

Rollerblades, Skateboards, and More Variations in Vehicles
We know you have at least once wanted to skateboard in GTA 5… okay more than once. So why not have that in GTA 6 officially? Bicycles coming back was good, we just want the developers to continue on that path this time around and be more creative when adding variations to the available traversal options.

More Dynamic Markets and Residences
Size is not the only thing that is being sought after now. People want interactivity, and that also means shops and markets that are more than just placeholders – in fact more than what they were in GTA 5. What we mean to say is, that if a person drives down a lane he should be seeing opportunities he could take in the shops, in the houses, and so on. And yes, we want more than the small stores and stalls we had in the past games.

FPS Mode Right Off The Bat
You’d love Rockstar for this, if GTA 6 would let you go through the entire game in first person shooter mode from day one. I for one would play the game’s whole length with and without the FPS mode, separately. This adds so much variety to things like combat, driving, exploration, and the whole playstyle to be honest.

Of course this is just our wishlist and there could be tons of other things that you might want to see in GTA 6. Do let us know about your ideas below so that Rockstar Games can listen to them.