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The Division Underground DLC Will Give You 3 New Weapon Talents

With The Division Underground DLC coming out soon, a lot of news has come out talking about everything that you’ll be able to do when the pack comes out, ranging from new locations to the new Incursion to new gear and abilities. YouTuber Arrekz has shown us three of the new weapon talents that will allow you to do new things.

The first talent is one called Focused. With Focused activated, players will be able to have their weapon damage increased by 12.50%, provided that no skills are on cooldown. This would allow players that prefer to not use their abilities to deal out more damage to enemies.

The second talent in the Division Underground DLC is called Decisive. Decisive allows players to score an automatic critical hit with their weapon after killing an enemy. If you have a gun like a sniper rifle this could be very handy for you, as you could just go straight from one enemy to another popping them off one at a time with one shot each.

The third talent is called Distracted. Distracted is handy if you like to use grenades like smoke grenades or flashbangs to disorient your opponent. It gives you 100% bonus damage on enemies that are blind or deaf, so you can enter a room full of enemies, toss a flashbang or a smoke grenade, and then go in and taken them down easy.

All of these abilities might be very good for players in the Division Underground DLC, considering that you’re going to be in narrow rooms and long corridors on account of being underground in the New York City subways and sewers.

The Division Underground DLC is supposed to be coming out sometime this month, so all players can do is wait until it releases to get going and play all of the new stuff it’s bringing.