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Overwatch Quitters Will Get Harsh Punishments in Competitive Mode

Overwatch quitters had better start rethinking their “strategy” now that Overwatch’s competitive mode is pretty close to coming out. Blizzard has announced that, in addition to its extremely harsh penalties for hackers and cheaters, they’re going to make harsh punishments for rage-quitters and AFK-ers as well.

According to the Overwatch subreddit, Blizzard is going to be putting in a number of different punishments for Overwatch quitters to prevent them from still profiting after leaving a game. To start with, they’re going to be suffering a 75% experience point reduction, and will also be unable to join another game until the one they left is finished.

If Overwatch quitters continue their salty behavior they’ll also be facing temporary suspension from ranked mode for a length of time. If Blizzard thinks you deserve it, you’ll be kicked from competitive mode for an entire season. That’s two and a half months.

Overwatch quitters will also be suffering the consequences when they quit early in Quick Mode, though that’s only with the experience point drain. If you want to get rid of the XP drain, you’ll have to have a 90% completion rate over the course of 20 matches, and it will likely be the same for competitive play.

The punishments for quitting in competitive mode may seem harsh, but Blizzard is making an effort to keep Overwatch’s ranked multiplayer as fair as possible. While you can join a game in progress in Quick Play mode, you can’t do that in competitive mode, so if a player leaves their team will be at a disadvantage.

Overwatch’s competitive mode only went into the public test realm yesterday, so hopefully all of Blizzard’s rules will keep people in line when it finally comes out and the game can continue taking its place in the spotlight as one of Blizzard’s best games yet.