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How Overwatch is Different from LawBreakers; CliffyB Says His is Far Better

Overwatch and LawBreakers do have a lot in common insofar as features like characters, guns, FPS, and so on are concerned. However, Cliff Bleszinski, the game designer on the latter recently revealed his reasoning that differentiates the two games… and if he would be allowed to say so, prove that LawBreakers is in fact better.

Of course Boss Key Productions stands no chance against the towering portfolio of Blizzard Entertainment, but they have got some talented and reputed developers too.

Let’s see how Overwatch is different from LawBreakers in the eyes of those developers.

Cliff Bleszinski aka CliffyB thinks it is not necessary to always “put [something] in a bucket with something else,” like people are doing with these two titles by drawing comparisons and pin pointing similarities.

He points out to the difference in art style, the difference in approach to gameplay (rock-paper-scissors for Overwatch), and a number of other aspects:

Our art style is a little bit more gritty – theirs is kind of, super bright colors, almost anime-ish characters…they’re going for a bazillion different characters, while we’re going initially with less is more, and we’re ramping up to find our balance.

And them, as a game, are so much rock-paper-scissors. And for us, you know, if I come around the corner in Overwatch and I have the wrong character, and someone else has the right character, in that rock-paper-scissors match, I’m dead.

That is not all, he then gave an example that if in Overwatch you are in a room with four or more of your enemies, you will most definitely get killed while “if you’re really good at [LawBreakers] with any of the different roles and classes, you can take out an entire team.”

So basically he has got his reasons why LawBreakers is better at gameplay than Overwatch, do those millions of Overwatch fans agree to this?