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In God of War 4, Identity of Kratos’ Son’s Mother Serves an Important Part

If you were watching the Sony press conference and saw the God of War 4 teaser, then you’ll likely have heard the dialogue of everyone’s favorite homicidal Greek as he spoke to a young boy that appeared to be his son. In that dialogue we learn two things about the boy’s mother: that she had a knife, and taught him to hunt.

The possibility of a woman being the caretaker of the family in Norse mythology isn’t really that far-fetched: many Viking women fought alongside men in the old Viking sagas as shieldmaidens.

Women in actual Viking life were also much less restricted than their counterparts in the rest of Europe. They took care of the home while the husband was gone, could become wealthy and important landowners, and more.

Whether Kratos married this woman before God of War 4 and had the boy with her, or merely found the boy after his mother had died, is irrelevant, at least for now. Cory Barlog, the Creative Director of Sony Santa Monica, says that the boy’s mother is a significant part of his character development.

Kratos previously had a family before the other God of War games, but he was tricked by Ares into murdering them in a blind rage, an act which haunted him for the rest of the trilogy. Considering that Kratos is much calmer in the demo than he was in the previous God of War games, it’s likely that his wife was a good influence in calming him down.

God of War 4 is likely still a few years off, so we’ll have to wait to find out the identity of Kratos’s wife until then, along with what role she had in his character development. Hopefully, considering its strong showing at E3, God of War 4 will be even better than the other God of War games that have come before it.