Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Reveal Hinted for Later This Year

It’s been two years since Bioware announced Mass Effect Andromeda, and yet no gameplay or a proper trailer has been released for the game. Fans all over the world are wondering about Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay reveal, that when will EA and Bioware will properly pull the curtain off the game.

At this year’s E3 press conference EA showed a documentary styled trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, and it is clear that EA and Bioware has other plans about how they are going to reveal the game.

In an interview with Eurogamer, BioWare Studio Head Aaryon Flynn hinted towards what will be the right time for Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay reveal and more details about the game.

There’s definitely more stuff we could have shown or talked about. But now we’re shipping next spring, the time to really blast all that out there is after the other games come out. We’ll be there then to have a great big reveal and release all the details.

Now if Flynn’s statement is any indication than EA plans to reveal the game later this year, after other major EA titles have been released like Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

It is becoming a norm these days that games now take multiple years to be finished and released. Fans have been expressing their disappointment as Bioware is taking a lot of time to release the game, however, Flynn thinks that it is not necessarily bad for a game taking a bit longer to develop.

[Development] is healthy. Dragon Age: Origins was six years. Star Wars: The Old Republic was six years. The original Mass Effect was four. Maybe we’re just not the fastest at this!

Last month EA’s¬†chief executive officer Andrew Wilson expressed that Mass Effect Andromeda will break beyond its core audience during the company’s investors day conference.

No release date has been announced for Mass Effect Andromeda, but the game will release in Spring 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.