Watch How Civilization VI Districts Work in New Trailer by Firaxis Games

Civilization VI was announced last month and the developers promised that the game will feature many changes compared to previous Civilization V. Now a new trailer has been released detailing Civilization VI districts, how they work, and how to expand them.

Civilization VI brings innovative ways to manage cities, by allowing players to start building cities from their home tile to across the world map. In Civilization VI tiles are now districts surrounding the city.

Districts are specialized tiles, each district will now perform a certain task like research, growth, culture or production. There are different districts in Civilization VI, some of which are exclusive to certain civilizations.

Each of Civilization VI districts has a number of buildings, each one playing its role, like campus district is used to boost science of a city. The campus can be constructed after researching writing as a technology. Library is the first building to be built on the campus.

When you further research, you will be able to construct a university, and in modern era players will be able to construct a research lab once they have discovered chemistry. With the construction of each building, the amount of science will also increase that the city is producing.

The location of the district plays an important role in Civilization VI, as districts can be built outside the city and can gain certain bonus by placing it next to a feature. For example if the campus is built next to a mountain or a rain forest, the campus district will gain bonus.

Wonders have their own specific tile for their construction and some may require a specific location for their construction. For Example, the Pyramids can only be built on a floodplain or a desert and theater district benefit from being placed next to a wonder. Similarly, the great library can only be built adjacent to the campus district.

Civilization VI is a PC exclusive game being developed by Firaxis Games, and will release on October 21, 2016.