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This is How Game Of Thrones Pokemon Would Look Like

Salt Lake City artist, Kaleb Raleigh, has created a series of illustrations of Game Of Thrones house sigils as Game Of Thrones Pokemon. What I am about to show you will alter your perception of Game Of Thrones.

First up is the House of Stark, as many of you may know that the sigil for House Of Stark is a Wolf, and the re-imagining of the sigil into Pokemon is quite cool. The artist transformed the sigil into a Pokemon and named it HUNDRE and its evolutionary form is Stalwarg, and we can safely assume that HUNDRE represents Arya Stark and Stalwarg represents Eddard Stark.

House Of Stark

Next up is House Of Lannister, and the sigil for that house is a lion. So naturally the re-imagining of their sigil is going to be a rock type Pokemon. The artist illustrated the The House Of Lannister with LANNISTONE, the evolved form of this Pokemon is LANNISTORE and the final evolution of the Pokemon is LANNISTAUR. However, there is one problem, that unlike the actors in the Game Of Thrones these illustrations of Lannister’s are very cute.

House Of Lannistor

House Baratheon is represented with a electric reindeer Pokemon, which gives Pikachu a run for its money. The artist re-imagined the sigil in BARAFAWN and the evolved form of this Pokemon is TEMPESTAG.


House Targaryen is illustrated as a fire type Pokemon, which can slay Charizard with just its looks. The Initial form of this house is DRAEGON, its evolved form is DRAGERYS and the final evolution for this Pokemon is DRAGERYEN.


Last but not the least The Night’s Watch is represented as a Raven type Pokemon. These Pokemon have flying and dark abilities. The initial form for this Pokemon is CROBBER and the evolved form is CRAVALIER.


In related news, Pokemon company has revealed a new Pokemon named Grubbin for Pokemon Sun And Moon.

What are you thoughts on these illustrations of Game Of Thrones Pokemon? Let us know in the comments.