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The Witcher 3 Game Breaking Bug Introduced with 1.22 on PS4?

Game breaking bugs being introduced to the games with latest updates is nothing new to he game industry. The most recent example being The Division which caused a lot of bugs with its updates. Now, The Witcher 3 is also a victim of this issue, as The Witcher 3 game breaking bug on PS4 surfaced after patch 1.22.

The issue is highlighted by a Reddit user, who claims that right after updating The Witcher 3 on PS4 with patch 1.22 he/she can’t seem to to do anything in the game. According to the user after the update, he/she can’t interact with any objects like notice boards, lootable objects and not even fast travel points.

The issue also persists in some quests or contracts, as the bug prevents the users to interact with clues which ultimately stopping them to proceed. Not only this the bug is not letting the players to interact with NPCs, therefore not allowing the player to proceed with quests even main story quests.

The Witcher 3 game breaking bug not only took player’s ability to interact with anything, also its preventing the game to start any cut-scenes where there are supposed to be, which also prevents the players from progressing through the story.

According to the user they can can only run around in the game and kill monsters. They tried to do everything to fix the problem but to no avail.

All of this happened RIGHT AFTER I download patch 1.22 on ps4. Now I can’t do absolutely any quest since I can’t even talk to people now! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!! I have done everything I possibly could to fix this bug but nothing works at all!!! The only thing that i can try to do is delete absolutely everything (but my save files) and download them again, WHICH WILL TAKE ME LIKE A FULL WEEK OR EVEN MORE BECAUSE MY INTERNET IS RIDICULOUSLY SLOW!!!.

I am sure that CD Projekt Red might be working on a fix right now, and will release a new update fixing this issue.

Are you experiencing any game breaking issue in The Witcher 3 on PlayStation 4 after updating? Let us know in the comments.