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Sony Linux Lawsuit Ends, Sony Will Pay Millions to Gamers

A Sony Linux lawsuit that’s been going on since 2010 has finally been settled today. Sony will end up paying millions of dollars out to millions of gamers that had been affected by Sony’s 3.21 software update which removed Linux support from the Playstation 3. Linux support had been available on the Fat PS3, which had been using the OtherOS system.

The OtherOS system had allowed people to use other operating systems on their Playstation 3s…in this case, Linux. However, the Sony Linux lawsuit focuses around the Playstation update 3.21, which dropped Linux support from the console. It was then that the lawsuit went through. Software update 3.21 would be dropping OtherOS from Playstation consoles due to security risks, and Sony cited piracy concerns as part of those risks.

This isn’t the first lawsuit Sony’s had either.

The Sony Linux lawsuit hasn’t stated how much Sony will be paying, but it will be at least nine dollars per gamer who bought Playstation consoles based on its claims of OtherOS functionality. If you’re one of those people that used Linux on the consoles, you’re going to be eligible to get around 55 dollars. Lucky you, just enough to probably buy a new Playstation game, if you’ve been wanting one.

In order to claim their 55 dollar reward, a gamer has to testify under oath that they purchased a Playstation 3 and installed Linux on it, provide proof of their purchase of it, and submit some proof that they used the OtherOS system. In order to get the nine dollar payout, you have to submit a claim that you knew about OtherOS, relied on the OtherOS system, and intended to use it.

Sony will be using their e-mail service to notify people about their eligibility for the payout. In the meantime, if you’re one of those people that got the Fat PS3 with the OtherOS system, you should probably see if you’re one of the people eligible for the payouts.