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Presence of Sony at Gamescom is Still Undecided, Might Host Its Own Event

With Sony opting out of Gamescom last year, many are speculating that Sony will again opt out of Gamescom this year. According to a exec, Sony at Gamescom this year is still undecided.

In a recent interview with Gamereactor,¬†head of global sales and marketing at SIE and longtime president of the European division of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, stated that “Honestly, we haven’t decided yet”. He also added that timing of a certain announcement is the key for Sony to decide its presence at any European event this year.

He also stated that Sony will not necessarily make its appearance at Gamescom or Paris Games Week, but the company is also considering other major consumer events in Europe. Sony is also planning an event of their own, much like PlayStation Experience in North America.

Sony emphasized that unlike Microsoft they are not ready to show anything about their new and improved console, PlayStation 4 NEO, until they actually have something to show. Maybe Sony will reveal its upcoming console at Gamescom.

Sony is also launching its PSVR on October 13, and considering Sony’s history the company would very much like to host their annual European press conference ahead of its launch. Paris Games Week¬†will be held in October from 27 to 31, while Madrid Games Week is going to be replaced by an event in Barcelona, and Milan Games Week will be held from October 14 to 16.

Sony at Gamescom seems to be the only sensible choice to host its European event, as it will be held before the launch of PSVR.

Sony hosted a grand press conference at Gamescom in Cologne for many years, however, the company opted out their presence from last year’s Gamescom as E3 and Gamescom were only 8 weeks apart.

Sony hosted a small press conference at last year’s Paris Gamas Week, but given the potential reveal of NEO and lead-in to PSVR, Sony’s comeback at Gamescom this year seems more likely.