PlayStation 4 Neo Controller Features Swappable Buttons, Thumbsticks, Different Share Button Location

Just yesterday, we came across an FCC document mentioning a new controller and today we have more news.

PlayStation 4 Neo controller will feature some improvements over the current model, if the new patent document is to be beleived. The new patent documents show swappable face buttons and thumbsticks. We also have new share and start button locations.

PlayStation Neo Controller
This new controller should also be available for PlayStation 4’s current model, if Sony actually decided to use this design. PlayStation 4 Neo is releasing sometime next year we believe. The controller we see above looks like the Xbox Elite Controller equivalent of DualShock 4.

We don’t know if this controller would support PS4 but since everything else will work across both machines, we think it is safe to say that it would. The patent image you see is old but it was recently refiled which indicates that Sony might be using the design after all, but for PS4 Neo.

PlayStation 4 Neo is under development at Sony. The company didn’t show the new machine at E3 as were expecting but PlayStation Experience might bring some news regarding the console.

It supports 4K gaming and many under features that we are yet to be told of.

PlayStation 4K was confirmed recently after so many rumors and speculations. Both PlayStation 4K and Xbox 4K are changing the way console life cycles work.

The current models have had the shortest life cycle in the history of the console business. It’s been only 3 years and we are already hearing of new and powerful models – would it be wrong to call them Xbox Next or PS5? That’s what these new console are, more powerful versions of the their predecessors.

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