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More People Watch e-sports Compared To NBA Finals

While most of the countries won’t recognize e-sports as an actual sports, but that does not mean that people all over the world have no interest in e-sports. Now some new numbers have surfaced has sufaced that suggest more people watch e-sports compare to last night’s NBA final.

According to New York Times, 31 million people watched the triumphant performance of Cavaliers against the Warriors. This is the highest viewership for any NBA final on ABC network for the last 18 years, and highest for both ABC and ESPN for the last decade.

However, it may have been all time high for the NBA final, but the crowd was not as much big as last years League Of Legends world finals.

According to the figures released by Riot, almost 36 million unique viewers tuned in for last year’s final which saw Koo Tigers against SK Teleco at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

According to the stats the last 10 minutes pulled 44.5 million viewers, which is quite understandable as the game was to be decided by a free throw at the end.

This helps us understand that why most of the executives affiliate themselves with e-sports, as it is clear that viewership for e-sports is huge.

In related news, earlier this month e-sports have been officially recognized as sports by Russian Ministry of Sports, as the ministry uploaded the document on their official Russian website of legal acts.

According to Ministry of sports in Russia, the register of the officially recognized sports will now include Computer sports. The order will be implemented after 10 days of the publication of the order. Once this order will be implemented in Russia, all the esports events will be held under the supervision of Ministry of sports in Russia.

So what do you think of e-sports having more viewers compared to NBA final? Let us know n the comments.