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Overwatch Competitive Play is Now Available in Public Testing

If you’re one of the many Overwatch players that have been looking forward to Overwatch competitive play, now’s your time to get in on the initial testing. Overwatch’s competitive play mode still hasn’t been officially released but you can still get in on the public testing and stake your place in the mode when it comes out later this month.

In the current public test mode you’ll be able to use your actual account, but anything you get via loot boxes won’t travel back with you so you should do your best to at least try and not open one. All the same if you want to play it you’ll need to at least be Level 25 before you try it.

You’ll be asked to play 10 different placement matches. Depending on how you do in those matches you’ll be put in a certain skill ranking that fits how you did in the placement matches. If you do well in those you’ll be trapped in some of the fierce competition that will be going through Overwatch’s two-and-a-half month-long seasons.

Depending on how you do in the Overwatch competitive play mode, you’ll be getting cool cosmetic gear such as golden weapons, unique sprays, and player icons.

Overwatch competitive play had been in the original game’s beta, but was taken out of the officially release in an attempt to increase balance. The mode has been given a number of other mechanics to make sure the games are fair, including a Sudden Death mechanic.

The mode will also start punishing bad players more severely. If you leave a game early or go AFK, you’ll be ineligible to join a game until the previous game has ended. If you keep the bad behavior up, the penalties will get harsher until you’ll be banned from Competitive Mode entirely. And don’t even think about trying to hack.