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Nintendo NX Physical Media Will Be Possible, Not All-Digital

GameStop CEO Paul Raines has said that there will be Nintendo NX physical media when the console releases sometime next year. The statement came in response to a question at the company’s most recent earnings call, which was about rumors that the NX would be completely digital.

While the ability to simply download games on console isn’t anything new, the possibility of a games console that goes entirely digital would be a serious blow for games retailers if it comes true. Game sales make up a substantial portion of revenue for stores like GameStop and more, and would have a huge impact if even one of the consoles went that direction.

However, the confirmation that there will be Nintendo NX physical media shows that the advent of consoles that are completely online has yet to arrive.

The Nintendo NX hasn’t even been officially revealed yet, but its one confirmed game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, got a very good showing and widespread praise at E3 from many for its graphics, expansive world, and physics.

Raines also brought up the possibility of the Nintendo NX using cartridges, rather than the discs that many other consoles use, to store its games on. He said that if there were cartridges on the Nintendo NX it would be much simpler to repackage and refurbish them, so it would give GameStop an advantage.

Considering that the Nintendo NX will likely still use Amiibos it’s likely that they will be at least one form of Nintendo NX physical media, especially considering that according to various leaked patents that the NX will have scanners for Amiibo support as accessories.

Either way, considering that Nintendo’s been almost entirely mute about the NX to begin with, it’s likely that we won’t find out how the NX works until it’s finally officially revealed.